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Zo'Marion Harper: Why Support & Community Matters

Zo’Marion Harper knows you cannot overcome struggle without support. Support is the key to success both on and off the football field.

Harper credits his former teammate and quarterback at Glades Central for helping him to develop his skills and game on the field. “I had one of the top [quarterbacks] in front of me. So, he taught me everything I needed to know,“ explained Harper.

Now, Harper is playing football for Clewiston High School.

When he’s not on the field, Harper spends his time at the Student ACES Center is where Harper spends his time focusing on his education for the future. ACES, which stands for Athletics, Community and Education, helps local student-athletes develop leadership skills for the future.

The non-profit program provides students a space to be inspired and achieve a foundation of honor, character and integrity, while leaving a positive impression on their teams, schools and communities. The program is funded by the Glades agricultural community.

At the Student ACES Center, Harper gained confidence both in his education and on the field. The program helped him to break out of his shell and become more outgoing. In addition, Harper now has a better handle on time management between school and football.

“When you get tired, learn to rest not quit,” remarked Harper crediting the Student ACES Center as a pivotal part in his transfer of schools. “They helped me become an unshy person and made me become more outspoken.”

It’s clear that Harper’s community of support, no matter the school, remains strong in Glades thanks to the Student ACES Center.


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