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Zac Brown Band Highlights the Glades

In June of 2021 Darkwater Productions of Nashville, Tennessee made their way down to the heart of the muck and spent several days with our people to film Zac Brown Band's new song "Same Boat". The official video opens up with longtime Glades resident Donald Peeples discussing his upbringing in the Glades.

Mr. Peeples and his family have been in Glades County since the 1920's. Mr. Peeples turned 93 on August 6, 2021 the day the video aired.

Also featured in the video from Glades county are Donald's son Jimmy Peoples and Ranch Manager, Mark Tindall; Justin Guerry of Gator Glades a licensed guide services & his children; Sandra from Ahern's at the local Laundry mat owned by Gary Adams; Alan Hammock of Frierson Farms & his grandchildren.

Darkwater Productions opted to take temporary residence at a local hunting camp and really immersed themselves in the area. One morning, on a whim, they headed over to Belle Glade and candidly filmed with other locals.

Check out the behind the scenes photos below captured by the Glades County Tourism Development Council. See more on their Visit Glades Facebook page !

We at the Voices of the Glades are thankful for the Zac Brown Band & Darkwater Productions for taking the time to understand our area and featuring the beautiful faces of the Glades.


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