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Local Radio Station Spreads Holiday Cheer in Ninth Annual Toy Drive

If you live in the Glades, chances are you’ve turned on the radio and heard the lively voice of Nicole Reid.

Nicole serves as the news and public affairs director for the Glades Media Group. But she is known by most Glades residents as a morning show host on the WAFC-FM Pure Country.

Most everyone starts their day listening to Nicole and her colleagues discuss the happenings of the Glades community.

For Nicole, the focus is on local.

“We talk about the local news, what’s going on in the Glades. We talk about high school football and sports and upcoming events.”

Her energy adoration of the Glades community is tangible. Especially when it comes to the annual WAFC Pure Country Free Drive-Thru Toy Drive.

Since its inception in 2012, the radio station has partnered with local community organizations to get out into the community and ensure the holidays were a little brighter for the children and families of the Glades.

Over the years, the event has grown immensely, causing the drive to relocate to John Boy Auditorium to accommodate the hundreds of cars and families.

Last Saturday, the radio station hosted its 9th annual toy drive. It was by far their biggest and best yet.

Partnering up with the Sugarland Mason Lodge #281 and the H.E. Hill Foundation, this year’s drive saw almost 500 toys were distributed throughout the community.

When asked about her favorite part event, Nicole paused before sharing a heartfelt answer. “It is priceless to see the instant impact of the event. The way these kids’ faces light up and the look of relief on the faces of parents, the gratitude is infectious. It’s positivity that makes the real impact on our community.”

At the event, Nicole loves to interact with the families and children. Between her breaks on-air, she makes sure to interact with the families. Between passing out toys, making fun with Santa or waving at the kids, her focus is on keeping the holiday spirit alive in the drive-thru.

In addition to the toy drive, WAFC Pure Country also hosts a backpack giveaway. The team comes together to stuff backpacks for children in elementary, middle and high school. Utilizing the supply lists from local schools, the team works to make sure children are prepared with the items they need for a successful school year.

“Donating your time to the community and those in need is one of the most beautiful and selfless things a person could do,” explained Nicole. “I am so happy to be a part of an organization that hosts these community events for the Glades.”

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