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Foreverglades Art-Piece Finds Forever Home

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

An impeccably crafted 1920's steamboat replica featuring the photography work of Sofia Valiente opened in Belle Glade on Friday, August 6, 2021 at the Lawrence E. Will Museum.

Steam boat, Roseada, featuring the Foreverglades exhibition will remain at the museum permanently, making Belle Glade its forever-home. Valiente calls her work a look at the Glades 'from the swamp to sugar bowl, pioneer days in Belle Glade'.

Sofia shot to mini art-fame with Miracle Village in 2015, a work that featured a community of people (mostly men, one woman) who have been convicted of sex crimes and are registered sex offenders in Florida.

With all of her projects, Sofia is driven by the journey of discovery. She is drawn to people who live on the fringe of society and aims to create a new portrait, for the often misunderstood or spoken over, that humanizes people.

We are proud to have her work now living in our backyard.


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