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Bruce Hightower: Growing Up & Growth in the Glades

Born and raised in Belle Glade, Bruce Hightower was influenced by the strong work ethic of his family and the agricultural community.

“Agriculture played a tremendous part in who I am as a person,” explained Hightower. “My entire family grew up in agriculture. My entire family worked the farm system throughout their life.”

Both Hightower’s mother and father’s family were involved in the Glades agricultural industry with his mother’s family migrating from Jamacia to Belle Glade to find work.

It was the values of his family that drove him to pursue a degree in education at Youngstown State University in Ohio.

“Agriculture is the heart and stable of the city and it also plays a significant part in who I am today,” stated Hightower. “Those people work 12 hours a day.”

In his observations, he recognized that drive is what carried a person far in life.

It made a lasting impact on Hightower who returned to the Glades after college. He was driven to help serve the youth in the Belle Glade and South Bay communities and show them the meaning of those hard-working values.

Today, Hightower serves as the principal of Rosenwald Elementary School. Not only a leader in education, Hightower is also committed to reaching the students in the Glades beyond school walls.

“I am passionate about making sure when [the kids] see me, they see me as a positive role model.”

Hightower aims to show the children of the Glades positivity. Every day he works to shine a light on the good in the community and that individuals like himself, want to bring out the best of everyone.

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